God Of War 1


01. Escape From Madness (Gerard Marino) 0:38
02. The Vengeful Spartan (Gerard Marino) 1:21
03. Kratos and the Sea (Gerard Marino) 2:21
04. Have Faith (Gerard Marino) 1:21
05. The Splendor of Athens (Mike Reagan) 2:09
06. This City Will Be Your Grave (Gerard Marino) 0:24
07. Ares Destroys Athens (Mike Reagan) 1:13
08. Mind the Cyclops (Mike Reagan) 2:09
09. Athenian Battle (Mike Reagan) 3:07
10. Exploring the Ruins (Winifred Phillips) 2:02
11. Athens Rooftops Fighting (Gerard Marino) 2:39
12. Save the Oracle Challenge" (Gerard Marino) 1:35
13. Kratos' Evil Past" (Gerard Marino) 2:01
14. Too Late (Gerard Marino) 1:58
15. The Great Sword Bridge of Athena (Gerard Marino) 2:17
16. What the Oracle Spoke (Gerard Marino) 1:09
17. The Story of Cronus (Gerard Marino) 1:17
18. Battle the Lethal Sirens (Mike Reagan) 2:28
19. The Temple of Pandora (Ron Fish) 0:36
20. Pandoran Cyclopes Attack (Ron Fish) 1:42
21. The Architect's Mysteries (Ron Fish) 2:00
22. Zeus' Wrath Divine (Cris Velasco) 3:04
23. The Underwater World of Poseidon (Winifred Phillips) 3:04
24. Minotaur Boss Battle (Cris Velasco) 1:57
25. Burning Visions (Ron Fish) 1:15
26. Pandora's Box (Winifred Phillips) 1:00
27. Hades, God of the Underworld (Cris Velasco) 1:13
28. The Fury of Ares (Ron Fish) 1:26
29. Duel With Ares (Mike Reagan & Cris Velasco) 2:26
30. Enthroned on Mount Olympus (Winifred Phillips) 1:57
31. God of War End Title (Gerard Marino) 5:06

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