JOE HISAISHI Studio Ghibli Concert 2008

Studio Ghibli Concert 2008

01 - Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
1. Opening [Legend of the Wind]
2. Requiem ~ A Battle Between Mehve and Corvette
3. Tooi hibi (Days Long Gone)
4. Tori no Hito (Bird Person)

02 - Mononoke Hime
5. A****aka Sekki (Tale of A****aka)
6. Tatari gami (The Curse God)
7. Mononoke Hime (Princess Mononoke) , Vocal: Masako Hayashi

03 - Kikis Delivery Service
8. Umi no Mieru Machi (A Town with an Ocean View)
9. Shoushin no Kiki (Heartbroken Kiki)
10. Kaasan no Houki (Moms Broom)

04 - Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea
11. Deep Sea Ranch ~ Mother of the Sea, Vocal: Masako Hayashi
12. The Ponyo of the Fish of the Wave ~ Fujimotos Theme, Vocals: Fujioka Fujimaki
13. Rondo of the Sunflower House, Vocals: Mai
14. Mothers Love ~ Little Sister ~ Mother and Seas Song of Praise
15. Gake no ue no Ponyo (Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea), Vocals: Fujioka Fujimaki and Nozomi Ohashi

05 - Laputa: Castle in the Sky
16. Hato to Shounen (Pigeons and a Boy) with Marching band
17. Kimi wo Nosete (Carrying you) with Choir
18. Taiju (The Huge Tree)

06 - Porco Rosso
19. The Bygone Days

07 - Howls Moving Castle
20. Symphonic Variation ~ Merry-Go-Round ~ Cave of Mind

08 - Spirited Away
21. Inochi no Namae (The Name of Life), Vocals: Ayaka Hirahara
22. Futatabi (Reprise), Vocals: Ayaka Hirahara

09 - Tonari no Totoro
23. Kaze no toori michi (The Path of the Wind)
24. Sanpo (Stroll), Vocals: Chorus + All guest singers
25. Tonari no Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro), Vocals: Chorus

10 - Encore - Princess Mononoke
26. A****aka and San

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