Tesujin 28 / Volumen 1


Track List:
1. Let's Go Tetsujin
2. For Those Who Lie in Their Graves
3. Sad Terminal Point
4. Rehabilitation and Evolution
5. A Smile Be with You
6. Sit in the Sun
7. Tetsujin 28 (The Sunset Version)
8. Symphonette No. 28
9. Go Forward, Shotaro (Cycling Version)
10. Drinking Milk Coffee with You
11. Iron Blues
12. 28th Street
13. A March of Tragedy
14. The Bonds of Reminiscences
15. Squirming Creatures in the Darkness
16. Lamentation and Sorrow
17. Light of Hope
18. Resurrection of Invincible Soldier
19. Tetsujin 28 (TV Size)
20. Go Forward, Shotaro (TV Size)

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